Privacy policy

NL İnternatıonal, respects the privacy of all persons visiting the website and using their services. This Privacy Policy contains information on how NL İnternatıonal uses your personal information in the FAQ format (Frequently Asked Questions), as well as your rights regarding personal information. If you have further questions regarding this policy, you can contact us by e-mail

It should not be forgotten that this policy applies only to NL İnternatıonal websites (“Sites”) containing a link to this policy, or to NL İnternatıonal procedures based on documents that link to this policy.


Please also note that NL İnternatıonal products are sold exclusively through our Independent Members (“Members”), and these members may also become administrators of your personal data. To understand the use of data, you should contact these participants directly.

Frequently Asked Questions (SSS)

• What are the benefits of collecting NL İnternatıonal my information?

• What information can sites collect?

• How does NL İnternatıonal collect and store such information?

• How long has NL İnternatıonal kept such information?

• What are the obligations of NL İnternatıonal regarding Children's Confidentiality?

• What are cookies?

• How are cookies used on this site and what information is collected?

• How to deactivate or activate cookies?

• What are my rights regarding my personal information?

• About Internet and website security

• Can NL İnternatıonal change this policy?

• How can I identify the administrator of my personal data NL İnternatıonal?

What are the benefits of collecting NL İnternatıonal my information?

NL İnternatıonal collects your personal data for various purposes listed below and based on a number of legal justifications through websites and other collection methods that will be communicated to you in accordance with this Policy:

• draw up and conclude an agreement with you, for example.

• prepare and sign a membership agreement with you;

• Fulfill the Membership Agreement, including calculating earnings for you and other participants, as well as providing and presenting information about senior personnel and subordinates (Rank reports);

• process product orders;

• delivery and receipt of products, warranty management and

• payment goals.

• Fulfillment of our legal obligations, for example,

• accounting and tax tasks;

• implement product recall procedures and

• Satisfy requests for information from state and judicial authorities.

• The legitimate business objectives of NL İnternatıonal, for example.

• providing our services and maintaining the integrity and security of our services;

• Improving the user experience by increasing the accessibility and ease of use of our websites, as well as creating more content oriented to you;

• solve member problems;

• Implement our Terms of Use, Membership and Law, and

• inform you about our products, services and special offers, as well as conduct online promotions.

In accordance with applicable law, you have the right to refuse to use your personal information for certain purposes, however, in this case, you will not be able to fully use our products and services.

• In accordance with your consent;

• receiving special services, such as information packages;

• to become a member, contact any NL İnternatıonal member or participate in events and contests;

• using your email address or phone number to market NL İnternatıonal products and services, as well as related products and services

• the use of certain cookies and similar technologies in accordance with legal requirements.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by notifying us of this at the email address below, by refusing advertising by email or SMS, or by changing the privacy settings of your browser below. If you withdraw your consent, you will not be able to fully use our products and services.

What information is collected?

NL İnternatıonal is committed to ensuring that you can control your personal information as much as possible. As a rule, you can visit the Sites without telling us who you are and without revealing any information about yourself. However, we collect technical information, such as the IP address and information about your browser, in order to create a link and provide our website. For example, we may collect data about your navigation on our website or remember your preferences. This is a common standard procedure for all sites on the Internet. The information collected does not directly identify you, but will help us improve our marketing objectives and the services we offer you.

However, when you fill out a form in order to receive information about NL İnternatıonal products or membership, contact a participant or participate in a competition or a draw, we may directly request information from you, such as your name and address. In such cases, if necessary, we can provide you with additional information or options for the intended use of your personal information. In addition, we fix your communication settings in order to determine your preferences for receiving commercial emails.

For our registered users, NL İnternatıonal collects information such as online products, leaders, or marketing efforts that are uploaded by participants to the Sites voluntarily.

We can also receive additional information about you from publicly available and available marketing sources, as well as other third parties. If in order to enter the Sites or share your experience of these Sites, you use third-party services such as Facebook, Google or Twitter through the Sites, then we can receive information from these third parties.

Some content and features of the Sites are provided by third parties, such as Facebook and Twitter plugins. These third parties, through cookies and similar technologies (see the Cookies section below), receive some information about how you use our website. To understand how they use your information, please refer to the websites of these third parties.

How does NL İnternatıonal collect and store this information?

NL İnternatıonal stores your personal information in a central data warehouse along with other information about you, if any. This allows us to avoid repetition, better manage our sources of information and provide you with the best service. We use this information for the above purposes and in accordance with your choice.

How long will NL İnternatıonal store this information?

We may store your information for the purposes of its collection or for a period established by law. The storage period of NL İnternatıonal for your personal information varies depending on the purpose of its use.

NL İnternatıonal stores your information in a safe environment through a combination of physical and technical measures. This information, as a rule, is not publicly available, with the exception of information voluntarily provided in public communities and on forums of sites or third-party platforms.

• To find out how you can edit or update your information we have, please study the following question: “My rights regarding personal information?”.

Who does NL İnternatıonal share with my personal information?

The relevant personal data is transmitted as follows:

• subsidiaries or affiliates and their branches, representatives and authorized persons;

• NL İnternatıonal service providers (for example, companies that help improve and secure our website, and companies that provide us with more personalized ads);

• to other companies through which NL İnternatıonal directly or indirectly creates services for your benefit (for example, receiving orders, package delivery, email management functions, processing credit card payments and providing customer service);

• elected NL İnternatıonal members, including NL İnternatıonal members of your senior management team (for example, Subordination Reports);

• if required by law or subpoena, to comply with similar legal or legal processes or arbitral awards, including providing explanations to litigations or to authorized third-party auditors or government officials, or other parties, in cases where investigation and prevention of fraud is required.

• To other parties in the context of corporate transactions, such as a merger, acquisition, or bankruptcy procedure.

Where is your personal information stored?

NL İnternatıonal operates in many countries around the world. To ensure a stable service, we manage certain functions of the website from one center, wherever you are. We always make sure that your personal data is provided in accordance with the security conditions within the framework of the current local data protection legislation. European law requires NL İnternatıonal to take some measures to protect your information during transmission to regions outside Europe. These measures include:

• NL İnternatıonal is subject to the provisions of the Model Agreement for international transfers conducted to other NL İnternatıonal organizations around the world;

• For international transfers to service providers, information protection depends on the specific service provider and its location and includes agreements containing articles on data protection required by law;

• In international transfers for senior members, NL İnternatıonal is subject to the provisions of the membership agreement.

What are NL İnternatıonal's privacy obligations for children?

Protecting children's privacy is important. In some cases, NL İnternatıonal may also collect Personal Information from minors. In accordance with applicable law, NL İnternatıonal receives consent from the parents of minors or their legal guardians.

What are cookies?


Cookies are text strings of the salt salt that the browser on your computer’s hard drive sends to the cookie so that the website can remember who you are. Cookies help you quickly organize content that is relevant to your chosen areas of websites. Some cookies allow us to recreate and repeat user sessions on our Sites. Most large sites use cookies.

Cookies typically include the name of the domain in which the cookie was created, the “lifetime” of the cookie, and the value, which is often a randomly generated unique number.

Why do we use cookies?


To accomplish a number of goals aimed at protecting, functioning and improving user experience, NL İnternatıonal uses various types of cookies. Some of these cookies are temporary and are disabled when you exit our website. But some cookies last longer on your browser (depending on their lifetime). To assist, third parties may also use cookies through the Sites. The cookies we use include:

Performance Cookies

These cookies are used for the following purposes:


• To organize traffic between servers;

• Understand the speed of loading features for users;

• Understanding and solving problems in the user's work and improving the site;

• answer questions from participants, ensure compliance with membership rules, and

• determine the number of users of our site.


Cookies Preferences

These cookies are used for the following purposes:


• providing opportunities for enhanced functionality and ensuring the identity of the website;

• Ensuring that sites remember information that affects the functioning of the site or its appearance;

• moving information between pages and eliminating the need to re-enter information, and

• providing access to information recorded during the session.


Analytical Cookies

These cookies are used for the following purposes:

• Compilation of comprehensive statistics to improve the structure of our website;

• To help us better understand how people interact with the functions of the website and its applications

• To help us determine which advertisements are more user-targeted.


Security and Identity Cookies

These cookies are used for the following purposes:

• identification of users and prevention of the use of registration information for fraudulent purposes;

• protection of user data from unauthorized persons;

• ensuring security in the creation and functioning of the consumer basket, and

• Prevention of actions that violate our policies.


Targeting and Advertising Cookies

These cookies are used for the following purposes:

• allow you to identify content and advertising in a context with the area of ​​your preferences or to avoid the constant appearance of the same advertising;

• assistance in measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and

• Getting an idea of ​​how people use our products.


Web beacons

Some of our web pages may contain electronic images (sometimes called animated images), known as web beacons, allowing us to determine the number of users visiting these pages. Web beacons collect some limited information, including the cookie number, the time and date the page was viewed, and the description of the web beacon page. We can also use web beacons hosted by third-party advertisers. These web beacons are only used to track the performance of a particular campaign.

How to deactivate or activate cookies?


We have placed a cookie preference center on our site that allows us to accept or decline cookies on our sites. Please note that some cookies are necessary to ensure the functionality, security or compliance with the requirements of our Sites, therefore these cookies cannot be deactivated in the preference center. You can access our cookie preference center by visiting our preference center page at the appropriate address.

 You can also accept or decline cookies by changing your browser settings. However, if you disable some cookies, you will not be able to use all the interactive features of our site. If you want to be notified before a cookie is activated on your hard drive, follow the instructions below:


• Internet Explorer Cookie Settings

• Firefox Cookie Settings

• Chrome cookie settings

• Cookie settings for Safari and iOS


Cookies Removal

You can easily delete any cookie uploaded to your browser's cookie folder. For example, if you use Windows Explorer:


• Open Windows Explorer

• Click the Search button on the toolbar

• Type “cookie” in the “Folders and Files” search box

• Select “My Computer” in the “Search Location” window.

• Click on the “Find Now” option

• Double-click on found folders

• “Select” a cookie

• Press the “Delete” key of the keyboard

If you are not using Microsoft Windows Explorer, then to get information about where to find the cookie folder, select “cookies” in the “Help” function.


What are my rights regarding personal information?

In accordance with applicable law, you have many rights to your personal information; for example, the right to access, process your personal data and the right to receive information about the purposes for which this information is processed, the right to receive information about third parties to whom your information is transmitted, the right to object to the modification, limitation or processing and transfer of your personal data and the right to delete them (including direct marketing), the right to be informed about the exercise of your right to edit and delete third parties to whom your data is transferred, the right to appeal decisions that adversely affect you or are accepted only as a result of an automatic analysis of your information, the right to claim compensation for damage that you have suffered as a result of the illegal processing of your personal data. For assistance, if this function is unavailable and in accordance with other rights to personal information, please contact us through your local NL İnternatıonal member services office or email

Please note that these rights are subject to restrictions established by law.

If you do not want to receive advertising by e-mail or SMS, then you can opt out of it through the notifications received.

If you have questions about this policy and our rules or a complaint regarding the use of your personal information by NL İnternatıonal, please contact us at

If you have a complaint about the collection and use of your personal information by NL İnternatıonal that NL İnternatıonal cannot satisfy, then, subject to local law, you have the right to file a complaint with the competent supervisor of your jurisdiction.

About Internet and site security

The Internet is not a secure system, and you should always be careful when providing information on the Internet. The personal information collected by the NL İnternatıonal websites and other sources that you will be clearly notified of is stored in a safe working environment, not being made public. If necessary, prior to the transaction, your personal information is encrypted using appropriate security technologies.

Can NL İnternatıonal change this policy?

Laws, confidentiality guidelines and case law are constantly changing. For this reason, NL İnternatıonal reserves the right to change this policy from time to time. We recommend that you periodically visit our website to be aware of the latest version of our policy.